Market Intelligence

marketingTBCS Data takes guesswork out of Customer Profiling, Contact Profiling & List Profiling with competitive marketing intelligence. Our streamlined process takes your products and services from planning phase to delivery with a step-by-step, actionable plan for success.

We drill down on traditional, online and social data to arrive at actionable profiling of your customer accounts. Robust profiling helps us in set up appointments with potential buyers, generate and manage leads; always keeping you and buyers in a transparent closed loop.

No marketing intelligence is good if it is dated, TBCS Data takes every care to continuously evaluate, update and refine our process to bring to you market intelligence that ensures your growth. Choosing us means choosing a team with years of experience; access to the best tools in the industry and a Competition Analysis model with proven success strategies.

Market Intelligence Services

Customer Profiling
Contact Profiling
List Profiling
Competition Analysis